Saturday, February 14, 2009

Oil Facts

I LOVE oils, but I never really knew much about them. I decided to do a little research, and here’s some facts I’ve found regarding some of the more popular/commonly used oils.

Jojoba Oil – This is at the top of my list because this affects the most important part of hair growth- the scalp. Jojoba is mostly popular because it’s molecular make up is very similar to the sebum that the scalp generates. It also has antimicrobial properties, a good source of Vitamins E and B complex. It also has been known to penetrate the hair shaft. This oil is deal for anyone with severe dry scalp issues.

Olive Oil – This is one of the top oils used in most hair care regimens. This oil is somewhat heavy, but is one of the best softening and conditioning oils around. This oil has been proven to be able to penetrate the hair shaft.

Coconut Oil – This is another widely popular oil. Coconut oil provides high shine, nourishes, and penetrates the hair shaft. This oil has also been known to help reduce protein loss within the hair shaft as well. It’s a light oil with a slightly nutty fragrance, and helps reduce frizz.

Grape Seed Oil – This oil is ideal for those with fine hair. It’s light, hypoallergenic, and slightly astringent, and has high amounts of Vitamin A and beta carotene. It also smoothes the hair cuticle and coats the hair shaft.

Sweet Almond Oil – This oil is a softening agent, soothing to the scalp, and easily absorbed. It’s high in minerals, proteins, and Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E. It’s lighter than olive oil, but heavier than grape seed.

Castor Oil – One of the most popular traits of castor oil is that it used to thicken up hair. Oddly enough, castor oil is a humectant, so it can draw moisture into your hair. It’s also known to smooth the cuticle and coat the hair shaft.

Avocado Oil – Avocado oil penetrates the hair shaft, contains quite a bit of protein, and is high in Vitamin E and D.

Macadamia Nut Oil – Macadamia oil is a runner up to Jojoba oil. It is also similar to the hair’s sebum, so it may be an alternative to jojoba oil if you can’t get your hands on any.

Alma Oil – This oil is widely used in Ayurvedic hair regimens. While I don’t know much about this oil, I know that it is known to penetrate the hair shaft.


Dαsια ♥ said...

Omg thanks for this. I've been searching for the benefits of these oils.

Keisha said...

No problem Dasia. I've been researching for a while. The great thing about the hair care networks are that they tell you what will help your hair, but sometimes the details about the oils and HOW they benefit your hair are "lost" or missing. I figured others might be wondering the same thing.

princessvalecia said...

I love love love coconut oil but I had an issue of breakage on my hair recently I wonder was it too much protein from the coconut oil I hope not I love that syuff too much

Keisha said...

princessvalecia, My understanding that although coconut oil contains protien, it's a nourishing oil. It wouldn't have the same kind of protein in it as animal proteins/keratin protiens, so it shouldn't be the culprit.