Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My New Best Friend!

Well, I've hesitated for so long, but I finally gave in and bought two. One was shorter than my natural hair length, and the other was longer. I wore the short one yesterday, and he didn't even notice! Here are pics of the longer one I wore today:

I don't know why, but I liked it better with my hair pinned back than when it was out:

Comments are appreciated!


S-hair said...

what is that? a wig - like a half one? Looks very natural to me.

Keisha said...

Yes it is. No one's been able to tell the difference. I love it. It's a great protective style alternative.

LaQT said...

Oh yes, I like it. When I went shopping for my half wigs I wanted them as close to my natural length as well. I wanted to be able to go back and forth and nobody notice. It looks great. Keisha,I thought you were talking about a hair clip or something.

Hair and Beyond said...

I like it with the hair pinned back also.