Friday, April 17, 2009

What's New With Me?

Well, It's been over a MONTH since I've blogged. So what's new with me? Well, here we go:

1. I havent' relaxed yet. I'm 11 1/2 weeks post. I'll probably relax next week. For a brief period of time, I thought about transitioning, but I decided against it, as I won't be able to do it without braids or some serious help...

2. I've been wigging out. It's really helped me during this stretch. I've been keeping my hair in braids/plaits underneath the half wigs.

3. I've got a new moisturizer. ORS Carrot oil. I only have to moisturize once a day as opposed to twice a day.

4. I'm starting a new challenge! I'll be doing the Nu Gro challenge. I haven't been on a challenge since HT's Bootcamp, so this is exciting for me.

So far there's been no major changes to my regimen, and my ends look good and my hair feels healthy. I'm just hoping to keep the status quo.