Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Starting Fresh...

Alright, I got a corrective relaxer and a cut. My hair was very uneven. I ended up with shorter hair cut than expected, but I'm getting used to it. There are pros and cons to this, but It's a good place to start. So with that being said, here's my pic...


1. I can dust my ends with little to no problem.

2. It's easier to manage.

3. It's a better starting point than before (health wise)

4. Hubby loves it.

5. My color treated ends (which were the ones causing me the most heartache) are gone.


1. It's flat.

2. It's shorter than I'd have liked

So now I have to get used to it. Of course this sets me back a few months as far as my hair goals, but I have a solid regimen, products, and tools so there will be less trial and error.


LaQT said...

It looks great. Weren't you texlaxed before? How was that?

Keisha said...

Actually I'm still somewhat texlaxed. But prior to the corrective relaxer I was too underprocessed to manage it. I like the texture I am now.